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Allied Interstate Debt Collectors
P.O. Box 4000
Warrenton, VA 20188
Phone: (800) 811-4214

fdcpa_debt_collector_harassmentAllied Interstate is a member of the IQOR group of companies. One of the largest call center companies, the firm operates about 20 centers throughout the US, the UK, Canada, the Philippines, and India. Formerly named Intellirisk Management or IRMC, the company’s services include collections, accounts receivable management, and customer retention. Its clients represent a wide swath of sectors ranging from commercial groups and financial services to utilities and government agencies.

Some of the phone numbers that may show up on your caller ID and are from Allied Interstate collectors include, but are not limited to;

(561) 671-2154, (561) 671-2192, (561) 684-3707, (800) 561-1940, (800) 670-9970, (800) 670-9979, (800) 849-1700, (800) 881-3707, (800) 881-5408, (800) 896-0009, (866) 839-1656, (877) 236-1115, (877) 731-9227, (888) 234-9174, (888) 680-2954, (913) 261-6153

Their yearly revenue (accord to the Intellirisk Company report) is reportedly in the hundreds of millions of dollars and much of that was collected from consumers who were unaware that they had any rights at all concerning Allied Interstate’s methods of debt collection. If you are being harassed by Allied Interstate, contact a Fair Debt Collection Attorney for a FREE attorney consult and case review or submit your information online now. Let us help you protect your consumer rights!

Do a search on the internet and this infamous debt collector shows up in many consumer forums, they are allegedly among the worst debt collectors in the United States. They use automated call-dialing and often try to collect without sending any paperwork to verify the debt which may be 10 or more years old.

If Allied Interstate does not comply with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act or state debt collection law, you could be entitled to $1000 per violation and they may have to pay your attorney’s fees and potentially, the debt itself.

Verified offices below

55 N. Arizona Place, #505
Chandler, AZ 85225
Phone: (480) 722-7810
Fax: (480) 782-70015062 N 19th Ave Ste 102
Phoenix, AZ 85015-3225
Phone: (602) 841-4332
Fax: (602) 841-738831229 Cedar Valley Dr
Westlake Village, CA 91362-4036
Phone: (818) 575-54003111 S Dixie Hwy Ste 101
West Palm Beach, FL 33405-1520
Phone: (561) 671-2121
Fax: (561) 671-2165340 Interstate North Pkwy SE
Ste 140
Atlanta, GA 30339-2201
Phone: (770) 989-5700
Fax: (770) 989-57247103 Chancellor Dr., Suite 100
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Phone: (561) 671-2152
Fax: (561) 671-21655910 Shingle Creek Pkwy.
Brooklyn Cntr, MN 55430-2322
Phone: (763) 503-6595
Fax: (763) 585-788

1435 Ford Rd Ste 800
Minneapolis, MN 55426-1066
Phone: (952) 546-6600
Fax: (952) 595-2311

13777 Ballantyne Corporate Pl
Ste 200
Ballantyne Corporate Pk.
Charlotte, NC 28277-3425
Phone: (704) 943-1000
Fax: (704) 943-10533200 Northline Ave Ste 135
Greensboro, NC 27408-7616
Phone: (336) 333-3100
Fax: (336) 373-444215 Hazelwood Dr., Suite 102
Amherst, NY 14228
Phone: (716) 691-1320
Fax: (716) 691-35341979 Marcus Ave Ste 100
New Hyde Park, NY 11042-1002
Phone: (516) 437-0800
Fax: (516) 437-61213070 Lawson Blvd
Oceanside, NY 11572-2711
Phone: (516) 561-6552
Fax: (516) 561-65483000 Corporate Exchange Dr.
Columbus, OH 43231
Phone: (614) 901-7988
Fax: (614) 901-779412655 N Central Expy, Suite 925
Dallas, TX 75243-1700
Phone: (972) 934-8448
Fax: (972) 404-1611

14550 Torrey Chase, Suite 550
Houston, TX 77014
Phone: (281) 580-2000
Fax: (281) 580-0396

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Comments about Allied Interstate Inc

Liars and scumbags

By: Arthur Maddalena

This company keeps calling my wife and I on our home phone trying to contact my son. I have repeatedly told them not to call our number, it is not my debt. They even go into details about my son’s supposed debt and calling us horrible parents and threatening him with bad credit reports, loss of job, etc. if we don’t help him out.


By: Patrick McNamara

We recieve two to three calls a day from Allied Interstate because of some one who had this number before us that they are trying to contact and when we try to tell them to stop calling they hang up before we can get the words out of our mouth, What can we do to stop this harrasment for a debt that is not even ours. Sicerely Patrick

Mr. Reighard

By: Rick Reighard

I have been getting calls from Allied Interstate for a couple months now pertaining to debt belonging to a woman I have never met. I told them that I have never met this woman and please take me off you list. I was told it could take up to 48 hours, and I have been receiving calls from Allied interstate for 3 more weeks. Am I going to have to get a new phone number? There is no stopping them.


By: Lora

I keep getting calls every day from this number. I have done some research and found out that it is this allied company. Everytime I answ. the call it rings back like I was the one making the call. Then someone picks up and says nothing no matter what I say. Then they just hang up. I dont know how to keep them from calling me. They are calling on my cell phone and wasting my minutes. How do I get this to stop?? Please!!

stupid people

By: rew

they call the house looking for someone that does not live there and i told them so. well guess what they call back, talk about retards. number used now and yes i have records is 8184505620.


By: Ola McDonald

Allied Interstate keeps calling me from 818-450-5620. When I answer the call, they just hang up. They call almost every day and at different times during the day. I thank God for called ID.


By: Pam Schneider

I had been getting many calls from them & then yesterday (5/9/09)I get yet another call. I call the number back & find out that they are based in New York,ok fine, but only AFTER collecting the information I am told that the call had been transferred to INDIA!. Allied Interstate ended up coercing me out of $375! I am on low income & my undertstanding is that NO colllection agency can come after me.

a male telemarketer tells me that I have 3 accounts (Publisher’s clearinghouse & Columbia house), that were placed with this company, I ask which companies & they tell me the amounts on each account. I am told that I owe over $1,000 total & that the accounts have been with them for about 6 months & that they cannot wait any longer for these accounts to be paid off & I am told that I need to pay about $375.00/month to pay off the debt.

Furthemore, I am them pressured to give them my debit card #. Then I am transfereed & talked to a woman who tells me that there is apparently a file that has a man named “Michael” on it & MY telephone number! Then she finds that one of the files has ANOTHER Pam Schneider listed! I hear her (what sounds to be) changing the information to allegedly the updated information however,I cannot prove what information that she was actually changing in the computer.

Can I get my $375 back?

blocked calls

By: Tom D.

After numerous calls from Allied for people we don’t even know, we purchased a phone that allows you BLOCK calls from specified numbers. After a couple calls from AI, we just add the numbers to the “blocked list”. Now when they call, the phone just rings once, we get “Blocked Call” on our ID, and they get a busy signal. Let’em waste their time!!

Allied Interstate is harassing me

By: Lynda

I was not even a month behind in my credit card payment and they started calling, I believe the calls are on a automated machine and they just keep dialing your number, every 30-60 minutes from 9am-9pm. None of them speak English very well and it is very hard to understand them, I settled with them the amount I owed for being a month behind and the calls kept coming, I requested for them to stop, and they began to tell me I owed more money on another card in which I am not behind in, I hung up on her when she tried to bleed me for more money, then asked again for them to stop calling. The calls keep coming day and night, there is no way for me to block them on my cell phone, so now I answer the phone Better Business Bureau how can I help you and the hang up, they have had me so mad I used a few choice words myself when I picked up the phone, they are pathetic and ruthless, and I have good credit and they have ruined it.


By: Debbie Wood

I received call from this company around 11:00 on Memorial Day looking for Emmet Wood. They are fishing and just call all Wood’s they can find instead of doing there homework first. And to call on Memorial Day… they should be ashamed. Someone should start a class action suit against them for harrassing the innocent. The number used was 1-800-214-8742. They said they would remove my number but what do you bet they dont

Restaurant Manager

By: Kristin Burke

I have been paying 100 dollars monthly for a few years now and when I asked for a statement saying how much I still owe the statement I received says that I owe them more than I originally owed them. They call me at work although I have repeatedly told them not to. I will receive 3 phone calls before it has even reached 10am. And on my last phone call at work she said if I did not call her back in the next 20 minutes they will be going for wage garnishment! They haven’t even received a judgment against me how can they jump to garnishment? I have paid them more than my original debt can they really do this


By: Don

Using the numbers 800 251-6781 and 888 748-4956, they have called over 40 times in the last 12 days!!!! I have no debt except a mortgage (on which I have never been late) and an 825 credit rating. Pure and constant harassment, even though I am on the national “do not call” list!! 05/14/2009 11:01am 11:17am 11:33am 7:22pm 05/15/2009 1:11pm 05/18/2009 8:11am 10:52am 05/19/2009 9:39am 11:55am 7:37pm 05/20/2009 8:55am 12:20pm 2:48pm 7:34pm 8:32pm 8:47pm 05/20/2009 8:13am 10:00am 10:15am 10:27am 10:30am 10:46am 11:01am 11:35am 12:43pm 4:44pm 5:47pm 6:02pm 6:18pm 6:34pm 6:49pm 05/22/2009 8:39am 05/23/2009 3:43pm 4:05pm 5:06pm 5:22pm 05/26/2009 5:14pm 5:29pm 5:44pm 5:59pm


By: Sam

These idiots have been calling me for over a week looking for a person that I have never heard of. It doesn’t matter what you tell them they always say they won’t call you anymore and the next day you get another call. How do you stop them?


By: kari

They call my home # so much I don’t even answer it anymore because when I do all I get is a recording saying this is Allied Interstate an this is an attempt to collect a debt an give the number an hangs up. So you don’t even have time to write the # down. In my mind if I have a debt with these people WHY don’t they send a letter like NORMAL people.

Be Smart

By: Be Smart

Get A Whistle. The next time you notice one of these idiot numbers, pick up your whistle that you keep nearby, and quickly blow full force right into the receiver and hang up. Try to do this by the second ring. These people wear headphones so they get a taste of their own medicine. Ohhh, the satisfaction is terrific. Every once in a while, the stupidos will call right back (within 2 minutes)– Just let ’em have it again… The joy is almost indescribable. They dont call again.Hehehehe

mr facilitator

By: joe freedom

They call me 1-10 times a day….i call them from 100-600 times a day! so much fun, just play you tube videos over and over again…i love u allied interstate!!! i will keep my calls to you coming , hope u enjoy!

Allied Interstate Inc.

By: Barbara

Here is my letter to Allied to be sent with delivery confirmation.

To Allied Interstate Inc.;

I have been contacted repeatedly by your company representatives about a debt you allege I owe.

I am not Brenda ***** of ****, the person you are trying to reach. Your various representatives are calling the wrong person. I have continually told your representatives the same. They promised me my name would be off your list yet the calls continue.

I am instructing you to cease communication with me in connection with this person’s debt.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a federal law, you may not contact me further once I have notified you not to do so.

If these calls persist, I will also include in my letter writing notification, a complaint to the FCC, outlining your continued harassment toward me. If these calls do continue, you will be in clear violation of the “Fair Debt Collections Practices Act to the FCC” and I will retain the services of an attorney.

Take my phone number (***)-***-**** OFF your list and notify all agencies representing you on your behalf as a “collection agency” to take my number off their lists as well.

Barbara * *****

700 ****** *****
Al. *****


By: KS

I repeated get call concerning the debt of a person I do not know. I have repeatedly told them they have the person is not at my number and remove my number from their call list. In blatant violation of FDCPA, they do not identify the company (CallerID and verbally), they hang-up immediately to avoid request to do not call, and will call back and hang-up immediately if you do request they do not call. I now file each phone call on the FTC Do-Not-Call. With others (WFNNB), I also filed a complaints with my state Attorney General, OH Comptoller, and the BBB of Central Ohio. Now that I have locations for AI, I can file complaints with the respective state AGs and BBB.

Calling for Someone I don’t Even Know!

By: Brandi

These people have been calling my house for quite some time now. First they called asking for this girl that I happened to go to school with; I never liked her and didn’t know where she was. I informed them of that. They still kept calling. After getting woken up on my days off I had enough! I cussed them people out, hung up, called back about three times and gave them a piece of my mind. They quit calling. I thought it was over. I was wrong; now they are calling for a guy I have never even heard of. I am tired of them hanging up on me when I answer the phone, wake me up on my off days, and they won’t quit calling. I have informed them of the fact that they can’t even speak good English that if they could maybe they would understand that I don’t know him. I have gotten very ugly with many of these people. If they start calling you, good luck getting rid of them. If I did owe them money, I would NOT pay them; I think this is a scam of some sort. I feel if the people wanted their money they can get someone who I can understand to call me.

Not who you are looking for…Quit Calling!!!

By: PB

I started getting the calls calls say they are looking for a female who owes them money (They gave me her name…I am not giving it)…I am a male, and have explained to them that this is a new phone number for me, and I don’t know the person they are trying to reach, but they won’t quit calling… ***(THANKS for the person that said not to call back..I can’t afford a $300 phone call to INDIA)***not sure what to do now, but change my phone number…


By: kerrell goolsby

I substitute teach in Georgia, which means that I work part time and do not get paid during the summer. I have been trying to find either a full time or part time job to settle several debts that I have at the present time. One of those debts is with Allied. I have tried to explain to these people that I have a negative balance in my checking account, which is now at the -$700 range. I have told them that I cannot give them what I don’t have but they have seen fit to continue to press me on this matter. I even went so far as to tell one of them that the phone calls will not get your clients their money any faster. To that end, I have sent one creditor a cease and desist notice and will be sending them and the other creditors the same thing so that I can get my finances in order. I hope to have a job that I applied for with the school system I work in, which should settle this thing once and for all. These people are subhuman and do not understand the concept of patience and need to be taken down SEVERAL notches.

it’s a GOOD company

By: Amber

some people just dont understand AI, they’re also working on behalf of “CAPITAL ONE”, it is one of the collection department of CAPITAL ONE, they also do SKIP TRACING for the people who could be their posible lead. they dont do manual dialing, the computer dials for them automatically. i guess we dont have to blame the agents or the representative, it’s the system we need to blame not the people who are working, they are also a victims here, do you think they like to call people repeatedly which is wrong number? thir work is to collect a debt from people who owe them money, not to harrass, it’s also a waste of time for us representative to call a wrong number and not to collect anything. i know all of this because i used to work with ALLIED INTERSTATE.

business manager

By: Deborah Winchester

Allied calls at all hours. When answering it just says over and over a recording. WE DO NOT OWE MONEY TO ANYONE. They have the wrong number and we cant even get someone to tell them. Obviously someone gave you a made up number. STOP CALLING ME !!


By: Jennifer

This is the rudest customer service I have EVER seen. They do not have correct information on debt and call consistently expecting you to wait on hold for them as a computer generated voice calls you. PLEASE! This company has consistently called my cell phone and my daughter’s cell phone for debt unrelated to us……RIDICULOUS. Get your facts straight and train your people. They are rude, obnoxious and VERY unprofessional. I have repeatedly threatened to file a complaint WORST debt collection company available.


By: concerned

Moniker Privacy Services Moniker Privacy Services 20 SW 27th Ave. Suite 201 Pompano Beach FL 33069 US Phone: +1.19549848445 highest up contact info for allied

Just do to them as they do to others

By: S3

What I’m doing with Allied has worked before with NCO. Call them and call them and call them some more. Call as many numbers and offices as you can. Totally waste their time and resources. Harrass and disparage them. Lower their morale. You’d be surprised how quickly you can accomplish this and they’ll be begging for your number to put on their do not call. It works but you have to demonstrate to them that they DEFINITELY want nothing to do with you.

Calling for wrong name

By: Marie Smith

Allied Interstate keeps calling me from 1-866-526-7795 and when I spoke to a “Julie” and informed her that no such person as she was asking for resided here she pretended she didn’t know what I was talking about even though their number is on my caller I.D. So I demanded a supervisor over and over again, she refused. I demanded that my number be removed from their call list and she refused. I demanded a supervisor again, she refused. Apparently I must have been assigned somebody else’s phone number, but these idiots can’t get it, WON’T get it, through their barely-English-speaking heads. (Yes, “Julie’s” East Indian accent was so thick I could barely understand her. Bad enough to be harassed by some local call center, these folk outsource their idiots.)


By: Heather

Allied keeps calling and it is a message stating to call them back at a certain number about a debt owed. They do not specify who the call is for and everytime I try to call back it is a number that is not in service which makes it impossible to figure out what the hell they want because I cannot talk to an actual person. I looked online and found tons of different numbers for them and all of them are out of service…BIG RED FLAG. I shouldnt be getting these calls anyway because I just discharged my Chapter 7 bankruptcy but they call several times a day with this message


By: cris

i have received call from this co. for about 5 years now, they are looking for a Marlyn De Rosa. I don’t know any one by that name, they don’t seem to get it.


By: S.E.L.

I have received telephone calls from Allied Interstate Inc., by one agent so often that I finally asked his name. The next time(s) he called and I recognized his voice he would say that he wasn’t whom I thought he was. Or, he would holler my name through the voicemail instead of leaving a message. I have received telephone calls on holidays, after 9:00p.m., eight to ten calls a day, collectors telling others about my account and probably from at least ten different telephone numbers. I began to wonder if a collector had taken my case file home with him or her. The list is endless as to their unethical tactics. I wish that they would handle the matter more professionally.

Client Services Manager, VP

By: Chad Schafer

This is getting a bit ridiculous. Allied Interstate has called me at least 5-10 times in the past 2 months looking for someone with the same name, that obviously isn’t me. Actually, they aren’t even looking for a “Chad” schafer, they are looking for a “Chadwick” Schafer. Different birthdate, state of residence, ect… I have tried each time to get my name and # off their list and to figure out how they got this # but they won’t do anything. My main problem/concern is they are getting connected to my colleagues and asking them for employment verification for me and asking them for my # and information. This is unacceptable, especially since I am not the person they are looking for. They are basically slandering my name with my colleagues when they call and make them think I am the one they are looking for. If there is anything I can do to sue them, That would be great. Problem is, I have no proof of how many times they call since I work for a big corporation and they have called my colleagues mostly instead of my work # directly.

Major Violator

By: Robert C. Vedder

I have been receiving calls from this number 866-235-3868 several times. Most recent today 2/24/2010, In each episode of them calling me I ask questions and get no answers but they want me to answer there questions and each time I’ll say whats that got to do with me. I have told them I’m a heart patient and I don’t need this harassment and them being rude to me. Each time I’ve got these calls I have asked to talk to a supervisor and requested not to ever call this number again and they assured me it would not happen. But they lied it has happened.


By: Melika D

We have the right to request FREE credit checks online (one website online gives you direct access to the 3 companies) – 1x yearly – and there – you can dispute negative / incorrect information (ie Allied) from the 3 credit companies – so they can remove info from your record – if they investigate and find it is in fact untrue. I incurred a bill and paid monthly directly to the creditor since 3 DAYS after incurred. Somehow 1 payment wasn’t processed by the creditor even though I have a check copy and bank registrar both on a bank statement that it was paid. My info was given to Allied. My credit history was impecable and Allied called my home daily (business days)for 6 months and started ruining my credit record. I called them directly – and called the creditor numerous times to no avail – Finally 6 months later I’m getting Allied removed from my credit reports by going online. I didn’t realize Allied was on my credit report until I applied for a card & was denied (for the only time in my life). I then submitted disputes to each of the 3 credit companies and so far 2 have deleted Allied from my report and I have finally gotten a hold of a live person at Allied and she took my name off of their call list after I explained & she checked (and saw) that I had made monthly payments directly to the creditor. WOW! this was for a small debt that I had signed a promisary note and made monthly payments on. It’s hard to believe that someone in a corporation didn’t do their job (first by not recording my payment – and then by not informing Allied to take me off of their list after numerous requests) and it turned in to be my monster!

grrr aggrivated

By: Jessi

I have been recieving a harrassing phone call from this company since last year i have taken care of this bill and have made arrangements with my roomate to have it paid. there is nothing about this on my credit report so they should not be calling here about it. I am sick of this and i am sick of them calling an harrassing me and my family so please…. JUST LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY ALONE!!!@@!!@@

My wife is getting harrassing calls about an account she is not familiar with.

By: Michael Riley

Some middle eastern guys keep harrassing my wife about an AT&T landline account she never opened while residing in San Antonio, TX over eight years ago. She keeps asking for documentation and it’s as if they can’t hear her speak. They even called her three times yesterday which is Sunday. Is this even legal and how do we get them to stop harrassing her for something she doesn’t know anything about? Also how did they get her info since they don’t seem to be a legitimate agency either? Please make this stop.

5 different business names on letter!!

By: Tracy

I got a letter from Allied Interstate yesterday. They say is it for a check cashing place in ohio that I have never heard of let alone use. There has been nothing on my credit reports at all for this check place. Also, there are 4 other business names on the letter along with Allied. They are: McKenzie Checking Advance of Ohio, Precision Recovery Analitics, Paragon Way, Inc. I have never seen a debt letter like this before. I am sending a validation/verification letter today certified, as I am sure this is a blatant attempt to get money from me for either someone else with the same name, or it is just fraud altogether. Thank god they do not have my phone number!


By: Nicole

I was awoken at 8:15am on a Saturday morning (5/15/10) by this company. When I answered…they said absolutely nothing!! I said hello at least 5 times, and even when I threatened to call the police (I was less than pleased with the fact that they woke me up after only 5 hours sleep) they still said nothing. I called them back and they said they were looking for someone named Robin something. I said they had the wrong number and to never call me again! If they do, I’m taking legal action.

They keep calling when we know they have no buisness with us

By: M

Here’s a funny one for everyone: AI has been trying to harass my husband about a debt that doesn’t exist and they have been trying to call my house hundreds of times a day yet they find themselves getting knocked out of the proverbial ball park by me as I continually remind them long after they started calling- that they are extortinists and criminal in their practices and that they have no business trying to criminally bully us out of OUR hard earned money for any reason what so ever- false account or not!!!!! Suffice it to say- I have read enough about them and how they do things- try to get dirt on people- make threats- use fowl language becuase people refuse to cave in and give them what they want as well as how they happen to enjoy using fraudulant measures of getting what ever else their criminal little hands can get a hold of in what what ever criminal way they can think of. I hit them and I hit them hard when answer and the way I do so goes as such: Hypothetically speaking here, I bite them in the bum bulldog style and I leave teeth marks that go on for days. I like reminding people of where they really stand! It’s almost a profession with me and I revel in being the bigger dog so to speak for reasoning that: A) We don’t deal nor make deals with Collections agencies- they don’t need their commissions as comission isn’t the most stable of income to be living off of and that they need to get real jobs instead which will in turn provide a better means of income and economic stability. B) We will not be subject to peace disturbances since folks like the collections agencies in general like to call a bah-gah-zillion times at all ungodly hours and such is considered disturbing the peace. C) We refuse to allow ourselves to be harassed and bullied by these ignorant little no life having companies and their unruly little minions for any reason what so ever. And D) When someone torks me off enough long after I’ve warned them and I’ve told them to discontinue with their criminal behavior towards me and my family- I start giving them direct orders to hand me their home addresses- home phone numbers- emails- links to their personal online profiles and more that way I can return their gesture just to set the ever popular example of: “What goes around- comes right back at ya” That in and of itself tends to detour debt collectors and if anything- just long enough to get the goods on the company they work for and more in efforts to build a solid case against them with the FTC and the State Attorney General- which- I have had to do twice right around 8 years ago. I don’t take any Guff from anyone- Never have in the past- don’t now and I never will. I stand up to these little low lives and I remnind them just exactly who they really are in life and just how far beneath me and my family that they happen to actually be! I think that this page- that I had come across- before having come here would be beneficial for those who have been wrongfully forced to suffer at the hands of this ill-reputed little bunch: F- Class business reputation- I believe it- yet why it is they’re still in business instead of shut down- I don’t know.


By: Judy Elletson

I kept recieving pone calls also, and was told that I would be taken to court over my bill that they acquired from another company. I already have my checks garasheed from three places already and couldn’t afford another one. I started sending them-$50.00 a month, and have been doing so since last year. I have sent them two letters recently stating: I wanted them to send me a statement With my payments and balance as of to date. I just got my money order back, and they said;my account has been cancelled and to forward to the creditor I am Paying, which is them. I don’t understand whats going on!!!!!


By: Jerry

I have been receiving phone calls from Allied for about 6 months ranging from once a day to 10 times a day. The message is an automated message on my machine. “This is Allied interstate, a debt collection agency. this is an attempt to collect a debt. Please call 1-800-935-5152. Any information provided by you will be used to collect the debt.” ….When I call the number, no one answers. I do not have a delinquent debt and never had a delinquent debt. I have had the sane nuber for 12 years. the calls are really beginning to send me into a dimension of pissed off Allied does not want to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By: Marie

Who are these people??? They call our house looking for people with the same last name. when I tell them there are no such people in the house they still continue to call. Now they are calling our relatives looking for my husband and I… this real???????

Allied Interstate Collections Agency

By: Susan

After receiving numerous “recorded messages” about “this is the Allied Interstate Collections Agency, this is an attempt to collect a debt” or something like that. SO I tried calling back once a few weeks ago. Then again this morning….I was determined to speak to a person. BUT _GUESS WHAT answers their phone number at 1-800-955-3103 ??? ANOTHER RECORDED message…but, I was determined to stay on the line….for over an hour, only to get disconnected without ever talking to ANYBODY… I’m done….I don’t even think this is my debt to top it off…. I’m old school, paper via USPS!!!!

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